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Legal Protection against Discrimination: AGG Training Course for Executives

Anti-Discrimination, 8 March 2022

Our University’s Mission Statement emphasises that we want to respect all individuals on our campus equally, regardless of their differences, and that we want to value and promote them in their diversity.

To this end, the University of Bayreuth has consolidated the protection against discrimination for all university members and specified it in its Anti-Discrimination Guidelines in the form of counselling structures, a transparent complaints procedure and awareness-raising and preventive measures.

The legal basis for our anti-discrimination policy is the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). It provides comprehensive protection against discrimination“ in the area of working life on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation” (§ 1 AGG).

Professors and employees with executive functions have a particular responsibility in the area of protection against discrimination. Therefore the University of Bayreuth has acquired licences for the high-quality online training course "AGG for Executives". The training is very concise and informative and includes concrete examples from current case law. It is available in German and English. The course can be completed within approx. 60 minutes.

All executives are requested to use this opportunity and take an hour to look into the legal basis of protection against discrimination and their particular responsibilities. In this way, they will make an important contribution to a practiced culture of justice, tolerance and appreciation, which the University of Bayreuth wants to stand for.

You may request the access data for the training by e-mail from the Diversity Service Centre (diversity@uni-bayreuth.de).

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