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Diversity Service Centre

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Equal Opportunities and Diversity for Students

Equitable Study Conditions

General choice of studies, change of subject,
advice on study programmes and personal problems
during studies

Student Advising

Questions, problems and conflicts concerning your
​study situation
Information and initial advice, empowerment and networkingDiversity Service Centre
Questions about financing a course of study,
e.g. study loans, income support

Social Counselling (Studentenwerk Oberfranken)

Conflicts, Discrimination, (Sexual) Harassement

Advice and support in cases of discrimination and conflicts, initiation of complaint proceedings

Diversity Service Centre 

Anti-discrimination consultation, complaint procedureAnti-Discrimination
Initial contact and advice on sexual harassment and sexualised discrimination

Equal Opportunities Department

Initial contact and advice on sexual harassment and sexualised discriminationWomen's Representatives of the University and the Faculties
Legal Counselling

Legal Advice (Studentenwerk Oberfranken)

Law & Legal e.V. (Student Legal Advice)

Problems with lecturers or fellow students

Department of Culture, Campus Design and Equal Opportunities – Student Parliament

Help with harassment and feeling unsafe on campus

University Emergency Number

External advice and helpNationwide overview of free services

Gender und Equal Opportunities

Support for queer, trans* and inter* students (e.g. advice and support with changing your name and gender entry), application for funds from the budget for innovative gender equality measures    

Equal Opportunities Department

Initial contact and advice, promotion of the factual implementation of equal opportunities for women and menWomen's Representatives of the University and the Faculties
Projects and networking on LGBTQ+-issues

AK Queer

Gender equality networking and projects

HeForShe Bayreuth

Series of lectures, reading groupWomen in Philosophy 
External advice and helpNationwide overview of free services


Inclusion und Accessibility

Inclusive studying, access to studies, examination conditions, disadvantage compensation, financing

becks – Office of the Commissioner for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illness

Inclusive and accessible sportsUniversity Sports
Contact persons für student assistants (Studentische Hilfskräfte) with impairments

Employer's Inclusion Representative

Representative for severely disabled persons and those with an equivalent status


Study and Family


Compatability of family and studies (children, relatives in need of care),
financial support, need-based study organisation, ​childcare

Family-Friendly University

External advice and help
Nationwide overview of free services


 Health and Mental Stress

Personal burdens, crises and conflict situations, coping with stress, test anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed

Psychological Counselling (Studentenwerk Oberfranken)

Consultation on addictionsCommissioner for Addiction Prevention
Healthy on CampusUniversity Health Management
Regeneration, balance, retreat, prayer

Room of Silence

Internationality, Migration, Refuge

Support before, during and after the stay of
​international students 

Welcome Services for International Students
International Office

Advice, guidance and support for refugees

Welcome Services for Refugees
International Office

International exchange, networkingErasmus Student Network
Legal advice in the field of asylum and residence lawRefugee Law Clinic Bayreuth by
Lay & Legal e.V. (Student Legal Advice)

Religion and Worldview

Prayer, meditation, retreat Room of Silence
Consideration of religious holidays and rest days during examinationsDiversity Service Centre, Examinations Office
External advice and help
Nationwide overview of free services

Study Offers


Additional Information

Supplementary Programme: Intersectionality Studies and Diversity Competencies

The supplementary course "Intersectional Studies and Diversity Competencies" imparts basic skills and knowledge in order to recognise the complexity of power and power relations.

You will learn about strategies to overcome discrimination and inclusion. The spectrum of these competencies enriches professional profiles in various occupational fields in personnel and corporate management, education, media and all fields of research.

Website of the
​Study Programme

Courses from Gender, Queer, Intersectionality and Diversity Studies

The network GeQuInDi creates each semester an overview of all courses from gender, queer, intersectionality and diversity studies.

Overview over Courses

Women in Philosphy 

Women in Philosophy promotes the visibility of women philosophers acknowledges their contribution to the subject with a series of lectures and a reading group. 

More information on Women in Philosophy

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