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Equal Opportunities & Diversity in Research and Teaching

Equity and Diversity in Research

German Research Foundation (DFG): Equity and DiversityHide

German Research Foundation (DFG): Equity and Diversity

"Excellent science needs diversity and originality. In order to ensure that all relevant sections of society are addressed in the long term, science and the humanities have to appropriately represent all these areas as well. This happens not just through the structure of the subjects in science and humanities but also through the individuals who research and teach in these subject areas. The DFG believes that no one should be disadvantaged in their career on the basis of academically irrelevant factors such as gender, origin, age or state of health. For this reason, the DFG offers numerous measures to promote a research landscape that reflects diversity and equal opportunity."

More information
on DFG's "Equity and Diversity" page

German Research Foundation (DFG): Mitigating Bias in Scientific EvaluationHide

German Research Foundation (DFG): Mitigating Bias in Scientific Evaluation

The DFG provides information and recommendations on how to mitigate bias in scientific evaluation and decision-making. Among them is a very worthwhile 5-minute video on "Unbiased Review".

More information
on DFG's "Bias" page

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Teaching

University of Bayreuth: Courses in Higher Education TeachingHide

UBT Centre and Bavarian Alliance for Higher Education Teaching

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (Zentrum für Hochschullehre, ZHL) at the University of Bayreuth and its partner universities of the Bavarian ProfiLehrePlus network regularly offer training in higher education teaching in the following areas:

  • Gender and diversity-sensitive teaching
  • Teaching and learning in heterogeneous learning groups
  • International students and intercultural communication
  • Accessibility and inclusion in digital and face-to-face teaching

More information
Courses in university teaching and learning on the website "ProfiLehrePlus Hochschullehre Bayern" (Most of the courses are in German, but there is also an English-language programme.)

FU Berlin: Toolboy Gender and Diversity in TeachingHide

FU Berlin: Toolboy Gender and Diversity in Teaching

The Freie Universität Berlin supplies introductory information, practical advice for your classroom and suggestions for further reading on gender- and diversity sensitive teaching. 

Chapters include:

  • Starter-Kit
  • Teaching Skills
  • Teaching Methods
  • Language
  • Teaching and Study Content
  • Quiz
  • Resources.

More information
Toolbox "Gender and Diversity in Teaching" on the FU Berlin website

MOOC platforms: English-language online coursesHide

MOOC platforms: English-language online courses

MOOC platforms like edX offer various courses on inclusive teaching and learning in higher education from renowned universities, e.g. "Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom" (Cornell University) or "Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom" (Columbia University).

More information
MOOC platform EdX

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