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Diversity Service Centre

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Equal Opportunities & Diversity for Staff

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Equitable Working Conditions

Representation of the interests of employees and civil servants, contact point for questions on labour law, etc.Staff Council
Participation in university committees, exchange of information for the non-professorial academic staffConvention of the Academic Staff 
Information on all diversity services, support of empowerment and networkingDiversity Service Centre 

Conflicts, Discrimination, (Sexual) Harassment

Anti-discrimination guideline, anti-discrimination counselling,
complaints office
Information on all counselling services, advice on options for action (complaints procedure, conflict counselling).

Diversity Service Centre 

Counselling on conflicts in the workplace, support in conciliation procedures, counselling on discrimination and harassment (including
experiences of racism)

Conflict Counselling 
Counselling in case of conflicts and problems in the qualification phaseOmbudsman for Young Researchers
Initial contact and counselling on sexual harassment and sexualised discriminationEqual Opportunities Department
Initial contact and counselling on sexual harassment and sexualised discriminationWomen's Representatives of the University and for the Faculties 
Counselling and support in cases of conflict, discrimination and harassment

Equal Opportunities Officer for Non-Scientific Personnel 

Help in the event of acute harassment or feelings of insecurity on campus

University Emergency Number 

Services by phoneExternal hotlines

Gender and Equal Opportunities


Support for queer, trans* and inter* persons, application for funds from the budget for innovative gender equality measures

Equal Opportunities Department

Initial contact and counselling, promotion of equal rights for women and menWomen's Representatives of the University and for the Faculties 
Counselling and support on gender equality issuesEqual Opportunities Officer for Non-Scientific Personnel 
Services by phoneExternal hotlines


Inclusion and Accessibility

Employer's contact person in matters related to severely disabled people

Employer's Inclusion Representative

Work arrangements, compensation for disadvantages, recognition procedures, protection against dismissal and much more

Representative body for severely disabled employees

Participation and accessibility in University SportsUniversity Sports
Services by phoneExternal hotlines


Work and Family

Reconciliation of work and family responsibilities, offers for employees with children (childcare, parent-child workrooms, nursing and nappy-changing rooms, etc.)

Family-Friendly University

Advice and support for partners and families of new employeesDual Career Support 
Services by phoneExternal hotlines


 Health and Mental Stress

Healthy working conditions, occupational health care

Occupational Medicine 

Living and working in a health-promoting wayUniversity Health Management 

Advice and support in the case of prolonged or repeated illness, contact to other institutions

Operational Integration Management 
Information and advice for those affected by addiction, for colleagues and superiorsAddiction Prevention 
Regeneration, balance, retreat

Room of Silence 

Services by phoneExternal hotlines

Internationality, Migration, Refuge

Advice and support before, during and after a stay at the University of BayreuthWelcome Services for International Scholars 
Services by phoneExternal hotlines

Religion and Worldview

Prayer, meditation, retreat Room of Silence 
Services by phoneServices by phone (external hotlines) 

Further Training

The following institutions offer training on equal opportunities, diversity and anti-discrimination - regularly and on request. Please get in touch if you are interested!

  • Diversity and anti-bias workshops (particularly for academic and non-academic executives and for employees with advisory tasks),
  • Team development for heterogeneous teams,
  • Diversity coaching for academic and non-academic executives. 
Diversity Service Centre 
  • Coaching programme for female researchers (application possible at any time),
  • CoMento programme for female researchers (new call for proposals to be published in summer 2021),
  • Training courses/workshops on topics such as personnel management, recruitment, negotiation, language and communication, equal treatment, networking,
  • Further training for STEM multipliers.
Equal Opportunities Department

Workshops and self-learning resources on university learning and teaching, including the topics of

  • gender and diversity,
  • inclusion and accessibility.
Center for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FBZHL) 
  • Varying workshops on inclusion and accessibility (e.g. accessible documents, non-discriminatory image design), 
  • Self-study course "Accessible teaching materials" (External E-Learning), 
  • Self-study course "Accessible digital teaching at the University of Bayreuth" (E-Learning).
becks - Office of the Commissioner for Students with Disabilitites and Chronic Illness
Further training opportunities for young researchers, also with regard to equal opportunities and diversity.WiN Academy 

 Engagement and Networking


Contact Information
Exchange, academic and educational events, gender and diversity policy and anti-discriminatory tasksNetwork "Gender, Queer, Intersectionality andDiversity Studies" 
Lecture series on women in philosophy, feminist philosophy reading groupWomen in Philosophy Bayreuth 

Webmaster: Dr. Stefan Kurth

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