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Diversity Service Centre

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Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

"Our campus provides a setting for life in all its diversity - people take centre stage, regardless of their skin colour, origin, gender identity, religion, or world view.“  (Quoted from the University's vision)

This maxim is linked to the fundamental attitude of respecting all members and guests of our university in the same way and appreciating their diversity as an enrichment for our lively and innovative campus culture.

The Diversity Service Centre, together with all actors in the area of "Equal Opportunities & Diversity" is therefore committed to

  • Recognising and appreciating diversity
  • Promoting equal participation and developing opportunities in studies and work
  • Eliminating and Preventing individual and structural discrimination.

Diversity Dimensions

The focus of our work lies on the discrimination categories covered by the German Constitution (Article 3) and the General Act of Equal Treatment (AGG)

  • gender
  • (ethnic) background and racist attributions
  • religion / worldview
  • disability and chronic diseases
  • age
  • sexual identity.

In addition, our work takes into account further categories that are also relevant to discrimination in the university context: social background, social and economic status, family commitment and ties as well as general appearance.

In our practical work, we pay special attention to forms of discrimination that arise from the intersectionality or interaction of several categories of discrimination.

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