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Violence Protection for Employees of the University Bayreuth

Violence Protection, 21.07.2022

The Bavarian State Government has developed a Violence Protection Programme for the public service in cooperation with the Bavarian Civil Servants' Association. The programme serves to take effective preventive action, to recognise and correctly classify violence and to offer the appropriate assistance after incidents of violence.

The University of Bayreuth has taken necessary steps to implement the Violence Protection Programme. These include in particular

  • establishing a central reporting office for incidents of violence
  • creating a procedure for reporting and following up on incidents of violence
  • providing  relevant information on the protection against violence on the intranet page "Protection against violence for employees".

All supervisors are in charge of identifying and reporting specific violence protection needs in their areas of responsibility. In addition, all employees can contribute to the improvement of violence protection.

If you see a need for improving the protection against violence in your area of work, please inform your supervisor or contact the reporting office.

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