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Anti-Discrimination Policy Came into Force


The University of Bayreuth's new anti-discrimination policy came into force on 16.10.2020. Its full title is: "Guidelines on Protection Against Discrimination and Harassment in Consideration of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)at the University of Bayreuth"

It is intended to:

  • raise awareness among students, lecturers and employees of the University in the area of harassment and discrimination,
  • initiate measures for prevention and equality,
  • and establish procedures for intervention.

It defines discrimination as direct or indirect disadvantage and defines harassment as unwanted behaviour that violates the dignity of others.

It prohibits discrimination and harassment on the grounds of:

  • racial grounds or ethnic ascriptions,
  • gender and gender identity,
  •  sexual identity,
  • religion or belief,
  • impairments classified as disabilities,
  • and age.

The anti-discrimination directive can be found here.

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