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Diversity Service Centre

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Colourfully drawn, abstracted faces in profile. In front of their eyes is a rectangle through which the eye looks. They themselves or others hold this in front of them. The picture alludes to self-reflection and a change of perspective.

Diversity Service Centre

The Diversity Service Centre is a central institution of the University of Bayreuth for the promotion of diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination.

The Diversity Service Centre, together with other university institutions, is committed to

  • recognising and appreciating diversity
  • promoting inclusion in studies and work
  • eliminating and preventing individual and structural discrimination.

Our responsibilities in the area of diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination include

  • Strategy development
  • Coordination and implementation of measures
  • Information and advice for students, employees, researchers and university institutions
  • Further education and training.

Diversity Dimensions

The focus of our work lies on the following diversity dimensions or discrimination categories:

  • gender
  • disability and chronic illnesses
  • ethnic background, racism
  • sexual identity
  • age
  • religion and worldview
  • cultural and social background.


In our work, we pay special attention to forms of discrimination that arise from the interaction of different categories of discrimination.

Webmaster: Dr. Stefan Kurth

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