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Documents on Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Please note: With few exceptions, the documents listed below are only available in German. If you require information in English, please contact one of our staff or service units or representatives.

Strategic Papers

Structure- and Development Plan 2025

Describes the overall strategic orientation of the University of Bayreuth, including the cross-cutting theme of "equal opportunities and diversity".

Agreement of Objectives of the University of Bayreuth with the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Arts (2018)

Includes, among other matters, measures taken by the University of Bayreuth to "increase the number of qualified women in professorships" and in the area of "internationalization and diversity".

Target agreements between the University Governing Board and the Faculties for the implementation of gender equality at the University of Bayreuth

Zielvereinbarung der Hochschulleitung mit den Fakultäten zur Umsetzung der Chancengleichheit für die Geschlechter an der Universität Bayreuth

A university policy instrument to accomplish equal opportunities for women and men in the faculties.

Statutes, Guidelines, Service Agreements

Constitution of the University of Bayreuth

Describes, among other things, the tasks of the Presidential Advisory Committee for Equal Opportunities & Diversity as well as of the commissioners for a family-friendly university and for students with disabilities.

Anti-Discrimination Guidelines [full title: Guidelines on Protection Against Discrimination and Harassment in Consideration of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) at the University of Bayreuth]

Covers definitions of discrimination and harassment; a ban on discrimination; awareness raising, prevention and equality measures; anti-discrimination advice; a formal complaints' procedure; and sanctions.

Guidelines for conflict resolution in the workplace
Richtlinie zur Konfliktbewältigung am Arbeitsplatz

Regulates the handling of conflicts for employees, including internal university contact points, external conflict counselling and a phased conflict resolution procedure.

Statutes of the University of Bayreuth to ensure the standards of good scientific practice and to deal with scientific misconduct
Satzung der Universität Bayreuth zur Sicherung der Standards guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis und zum Umgang mit wissenschaftlichem Fehlverhalten

Defines rules of good scientific practice as well as scientific misconduct; introduces a procedure for allegations of scientific misconduct (including ombudspersons). 

Service agreement on alternating residential work and telework
Dienstvereinbarung zur alternierenden Wohnraum- und Telearbeit

Regulations of residential and teleworking with regard to spatial and technical conditions, requirements of the department, work equipment and resources, occupational health and safety, questions of liability, performance monitoring and data protection.

Guidelines and Recommendations

Language Guide for the University of Bayreuth
Sprachleitfaden für die Universität Bayreuth

Contains recommendations for gender-sensitive language use in order to implement equitable treatment in official communication.

Recommendations for supervisors on family-related leave of employees (parental and care leave)
Handlungsempfehlungen für Vorgesetzte bei familienbedingten Freistellungen von Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern (Eltern- und Pflegezeit)

Recommends a four-phase process for family-related leave (preparation for leave, leave period, preparation for re-entry, re-entry).

Ombudsman for young researchers at the University of Bayreuth. Principles of procedure (with explanations)
Ombudsman für wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs der Universität Bayreuth. Verfahrensgrundsätze (mit Erläuterungen)

Describes, among other things, the function and responsibility of ombudspersons as well as their activities of counselling, conflict management and mediation.

Guidelines for the Appointment Process (intranet)

Cover, among other aspects, principles, regulations and recommendations for gender- and diversity-sensitive recruitment in appointment procedures.

Guidelines for Recruitment
Leitfaden Personalgewinnung

Contains, among other aspects, principles, regulations and recommendations for gender- and diversity-sensitive staff recruitment

Brochure for Supervisors of Doctoral Theses
Shaping a Doctorate Together - Guidelines for Supervisors

Contains a chapter on "Conflict Situations and How to Resolve Them".


Numbers and Reports

Annual reports of the women's representative and the equal opportunities department
Jahresberichte der Frauenbeauftragten und der Stabsabteilung Chancengleichheit

Describe measures, staff, acquisition of third-party funding and events of the Women's Representatives and the Equal Opportunities Department; presents the proportion of women and men at the University of Bayreuth on the various qualification levels.

Information on numbers and data on equality at the University of Bayreuth
Informationen zu Zahlen und Daten in der Gleichstellung der Universität Bayreuth

Equality-relevant figures and data from the University of Bayreuth for the university's internal quality management and external reporting.

Legal Framework

General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)
Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz

Federal law that comprehensively regulates protection against discrimination on the basis of racism or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.

Guidelines on the Inclusion of Disabled Public Service Empoyees in Bavaria
Richtlinien über die Inklusion behinderter Angehöriger des Öffentlichen Dienstes in Bayern

Include recruitment, compensation for disadvantages, employment, working conditions, career advancement, assessment, part-time work, reintegration, part-time work for older workers, other measures and information on inclusion.

Bavarian Act on Equal Treatment
Bayerisches Gleichstellungsgesetz

Law on the effective implementation of equal rights for women and men.

Bavarian Higher Education Act
Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz

Regulates, among other things, the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men at universities, the tasks of the women's representatives and the non-discrimination of students with disabilities.

Disability Equality Act

Regulates the equality of people with disabilities in the area of public law (insofar as the federal government is responsible).

Social Code - Book IX
Sozialgesetzbuch - Neuntes Buch

Contains the regulations for rehabilitation and participation of people with disabilities in Germany.

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