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Women in Philosophy Bayreuth

Women are underrepresented in Philosophy and, at the same time, Gender Studies have not received adequate attention. The Women in Philosophy Bayreuth consists of two modalities of events: a series of lectures and the feminist philosophy reading group. The aim of the Lecture Series is to promote the visibility of women philosophers and in doing so celebrates their contribution to the discipline. It has been held since 2017 and is being funded thanks to the support of the Equal Opportunities Department. The student-led FemPhil Reading Group focuses on gender-related topics and aims to create a friendly space for public discussion on gender inequality.

Some of the latest events promoted by Women in Philosophy

  • Discussion Panel: Safe Spaces - together with GenderTalks
  • Reading Circle: Feminism and a new era of masculinity - held by Paula Hüttisch & Meike Schneiders
  • Philosopher: Levinas and Political Philosophy

At the end of 2019 the 1st Women in Philosophy Bayreuth Conference took the place of the lecture series and brought together in two days the contributions of various researchers to philosophical thinking.

The programme for upcoming events as well as a list of past events is available on the Women's in Philosophy website. Event's announcements are made on the Facebook page.

Contact information

Questions, information and suggestions can be directed contact@womeninphilosophy.com

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