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Equal Opportunities & Diversity: Institutions for Students and Staff

Women´s Representatives

Women's Representatives of the University 

The Women's Representatives have the task to pay attention to and prevent disadvantages for female students, women in academia and female teaching staff.

The Women‘s Representatives support the university honorarily in its statutory assignment to

  • to promote the factual implementation of equal opportunities for women and men,
  • to consider this guiding principle in all decisions and
  • to eliminate existing disadvantages (see Art. 4 Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz).

Equal Opportunities Department (Gender Equality)

The Equal Opportunities Department supports the work of the Women´s Representatives with a wide range of advice for all, offers and announcements and information for different target groups. 

Women's Representatives for the Faculties

The Women's Representatives for the Faculties are responsible for specific issues concerning the faculties. In each faculty at least one Women's Representative and up to two deputies are elected. In addition, the students elect a representative. The Women's Representatives for the faculties advise students and academic staff when needed.

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