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Equal Opportunities & Diversity: Institutions for Students

Equal Opportunities Department (Gender Equality)

The Equal Opportunities Department supports the work of the Women's Representatives with a wide range of consultation services for all members of our university as well as wih offers, calls for proposals and information for various target groups.

Services for students

  • Initial contact, advice and support on the topics of gender equality, gender equality policy commitment, women in commitees, women in STEM   
  • Initial contact and counselling in cases of sexual harassment and sexualised discrimination 
  • Support for queer, trans* and inter* students 
  • Information and advice with changing one's name and gender entry for trans* and inter* students (possible in advance of a judicial change of first name and civil status)
  • Information on gender equality indicators, gender equality measures and gender-inclusive language
  • Application for funding from the budget for innovative gender equality measures
  • Connecting with the Gender, Queer, Intersectionality & Diversity Studies network (GeQuInDi)
  • EmpowerMINTDoc: programme for female students of STEM subjects who want to do a doctorate 

Contact Information 
Miriam Bauch 
Head of Equal Opportunity Department (Gender Equality) and Advisor for the Women's Reprensentatives
Building B 8
Telephone: +49 921 552218
E-Mail: miriam.bauch@uni-bayreuth.de 

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