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Diversity Service Centre

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Equal Opportunities & Diversity: Institutions for Students

​EduCare | Study Support

Advice in the faculties

The Faculty Advisors for Teaching and Learning are your contact at the faculty. We offer confidential advice on all questions, problems and conflicts concerning your study situation.

Furthermore, we support you in...

  • developing skills with which you can successfully and confidently conduct your studies
  • getting more than just expertise from your studies
  •  learning relevant skills for your professional life.

Our workshops and lectures offer you important impulses and practical approaches to improve yourself:

  • learn how to handle your time and motivate yourself to pursue your goals
  • expand on your ability to work constructively with others and master your exams with ease
  • work on your scientific work techniques
  • develop your own professional vision and actively pursue it.

Our free offer is directed at students of all semesters.

Website EduCare

Contact information

Tobias Kreisel (Faculty I / MPI)
Building NW II, Room
Telephone: +49 921 553224
E-Mail: educare.mpi@uni-bayreuth.de
Website EduCare Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

Lina Fürst (Faculty II / BCG)
Building B3, Room 13
Telephone: +49 921 552187
E-Mail: educare.bcg@uni-bayreuth.de 
Website EduCare Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences 

Sandra Storz (Faculty III / RW)
Building RW I, Room 1.0 01 134
Telephone: +49 921 55-6007
E-Mail: educare.rw@uni-bayreuth.de
Website EduCare Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Anke Nissels (Faculty IV / SpLit)
Building GW I, Room 1.01
Telephone: +49 921 553607
E-Mail: educare.split@uni-bayreuth.de 
Website EduCare Faculty of Languages & Literatures

Friederike Weismann (Faculty V / KuWi)
Building GW II, Room 1.23
Telephone: +49 921 554110
E-Mail: educare.kuwi@uni-bayreuth.de 
Website EduCare Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Alexandra Heyer (Faculty VI / Ing)
Building  FAN B, Room 0.20
Telephone: +49 921 557876
E-Mail: educare.ing@uni-bayreuth.de 
Website EduCare Facutly of Engineering Science

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