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Diversity Service Centre

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Equal Opportunities & Diversity: Institutions for Students and Staff

 Diversity Service Centre

The Diversity Service Centre is one of the University of Bayreuth’s central institution to promote diversity and non-discrimination. Together with other university institutions, we work to ensure that all students and staff have equitable study or working conditions and opportunities to participate.

We are committed to eliminating and preventing discrimination and harassment based on gender, ethnic origin or racial grounds, religion or belief, disability or chronic illness, age and sexual identity. 

Our services for you include:

Information, initial consultation and referrral

  • Information on all diversity services for students and staff
  • Initial advice on services and support for your situation in life 
  • arranging contacts to and between relevant institutions.

Confidential advice and support in case of discrimination and conflict

  • Do you feel discriminated against, bullied or harassed? We inform you about your rights and consider possible courses of action with you. If requested, we will offer you further support or refer you to suitable services.
  • Do you have a conflict with other students or staff? We can discuss your options and provide you with advice on support services. 

Empowerment und Networking

  • Do you want to exchange ideas with like-minded people and bring about change? We can help you network and insure that your voice does not go unheard.
  • Do you have ideas on how the University of Bayreuth could become even more diverse and equitable? Exchange ideas with us – we are looking forward to your contribution!

Contact Information

Dr. Stefan Kurth and Ariane Leeven
Building NW III, Room 2.28
Telephone: +49 921 55-7870 and +49 921 55-7880.
E-Mail: stefan.kurth@uni-bayreuth.de and ariane.leeven@uni-bayreuth.de

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Webmaster: Dr. Stefan Kurth

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