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Diversity Service Centre

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Equal Opportunities & Diversity: Institutions for Students and Staff

Anti-Discrimination Advice and Complaints Board - Action in the Event of Discrimination and Harassment 

Anti-Dicrimination Guidelines

The University of Bayreuth has issued "Guidelines on Protection against Discrimination and Harassment in Consideration of the General Equal Tratment Act (AGG)".

This guidelines prohibit discrimination, harassment and violation of dignity, because of

  • racist reasons or ethnic attributions
  • gender and gender identity 
  • sexual identity
  • religion or beliefs
  • impairments classified as disabilities
  • age.

Students and employees have access to a wide range of counselling and support services as well as the option of making a formal complaint.

Information, Advice, Support

The Diversity Service Centre provides information on

  • all advice services in cases of discrimination and harassment,
  • the option of making a formal complaint and about the course of a complaint procedure,
  • options for conflict resolution 

Complaint Procedure

In cases of discrimination and harassment, students and employees can issue a complaint with the Complaints Board. The complaint procedure includes

  • the investigation and legal examination of the facts,
  • a written statement of results, as well as
  • measures to eliminate existing and prevent future discrimination and harassment. 

Contact information

Diversity Service Centre
Building NW III, Room 2.28
Telephone: +49 921 55-7870
E-Mail: diversity@uni-bayreuth.de

Complaints Board
Dr. Stefan Kurth
Telephone: +49 921 557870
E-Mail: stefan.kurth@uni-bayreuth.de

Dr. Anja Chales de Beaulieu
Telephone: +49 921 554722
E-Mail: anja.chales-de-beaulieu@uni-bayreuth.de 

Webpage: Anti-Discrimination at the University of Bayreuth (including an overview of all advice services)

Webmaster: Dr. Stefan Kurth

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