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Representative Body for Severely Disabled Persons and Those with an Equivalent Status (SBV)

The representative body for severely disabled employees has the responsibility of promoting and monitoring the integration of severely disabled persons and persons of equal status into the university. It represents their interests and provides them with advice and assistance.

Prevention work is also an integral part of the SBV's tasks. It is therefore not only responsible for severely disabled employees, but also for those "threatened by disability" as well as "long-term sick and permanently disabled" persons.

Our Main Tasks

The representative body for severely disabled employees ensures in particular that the employer

  • complies with the laws, regulations, collective agreements and service agreements applicable to severely disabled persons,
  • abides by its obligations under Social Code IX (Sozialgesetzbuch IX),
  • concludes inclusion agreements,
  • involves the SBV in the compliance of accessibility in construction measures.

Fields of Advice and Support

  • Operational integration management
  • Recognition procedures, in particular applications for determination of a degree of disability or for equal treatment, amendment procedures in the event of aggravation of disability, applications for partial pension, temporary pension, part-time or continued employment
  • Corrective and preventative work design to protect the health of severely disabled persons or persons at risk of disability at work and to keep them in employment,
  • Compensation for disadvantages and further benefit claims,
  • workplace inspections (need for accompanying help including work assistance or optimisation of workplace equipment),
  • Special protection against dismissal,
  • Conflict situations, bullying and discrimination.

Contact information

Representative body for severely disabled employees and those with an equivalent status
Claudia Roberts, Person of Trust
Telephone Claudia Roberts: 0921 55-4821 or 0921 55-7091
E-Mail: sbv@uni-bayreuth.de

You can arrange a consultation appointment with us at any time.

Website of the Representative body for severely disabled employees (German)

Webmaster: Dr. Stefan Kurth

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