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University Bayreuth: Network GeQuInDi

The network Gender, Queer, Intersectionality und Diversity Studies (GeQuInDi), founded in 2016 at the University of Bayreuth, serves to strengthen the subject area outlined in its name in the fields of research and teaching as well as higher education policy and to increase its visibility.


Regional and national networks

 Bayarian Research and Information Centre - Inclusive Universities and Cultural Institutions (BayFinK)Hide

The University of Bayreuth has set itself the goal of fully integrating people with disabilities or chronic illnesses at universities and cultural institutions.
With this goal in mind, the "Bavarian Research and Information Centre - Inclusive Universities and Cultural Institutions" (BayFinK) was founded in April 2017.

Federal Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities' Representatives at Universities (​bukof)Hide

bukof brings together all women's and equal opportunities officers who want to ensure that the structure and culture of universities in Germany is gender-equitable.

​Erfolgsfaktor Familie Hide

At around 620 locations troughout Germany, local alliances for families are committed to improving living and working condifitions for families.

Family Alliance BayreuthHide

The Bayreuth Family Alliance is constantly improving the good and extensive range of offers for families so that Bayreuth will continue to be at the top of the list of family-friendly cities. It consists of eleven Bayreuth authorities, which have been jointly organising, among other things, summer holiday care since 2009.

​Families in Higher Education e.V. Hide

The institutions, which signed the charter "Families in Higher Education", commit themselves to the standards set out in this charter for the compatibility of family responsibilities with studies, teaching, research and science-supporting activities. In doing so, they include all the diverse forms of family living in our society. 

Inclusion at Universities and inclusive BavariaHide

This network thinks and develops, through research, new forms of teaching, concrete recommendations for action and an active network, inclusion and accessibility!

National Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Commissioners (LaKoF)Hide

LaKoF represents the interests of female scientists, students and women of science support staff at state level. 

​Network Diversity at UniversitiesHide

This is a country-wide, collegial network of employees who are entrusted with the implementation of diversity and anti-discrimination tasks at German universities on an operational and strategic level.

​Network GenderConsulting in Research AssociationsHide

The  Network GenderConsulting in Research Associations is an association of gender equality actors concerned with gender consulting and with the development and implementation of gender equality measures for research associations at universities.

​ Promoting Inclusive Doctoral StudiesHide

As part of the PROMI project - promoting inclusive doctoral studies, university graduates with a disability are given the opportunity to do a doctorate.

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